About us

Are you Tove?' is a usual question heard at markets, directed towards Reidun whenever Tove- og skinnbua is in attendence. The correct answer would be that it is actually Alf Tore: for it is he that is responsible for the felting of the woolen shoes, whilst Reidun handles the leather mittens and caps.

We can be found at Kårvika in Osterøy, where we recieve customers by appointment. Othervice it is markets that is our buisness. Feel free to reach out to order, we are happy to ship by mail.

Snow, winter and the mountainlife have always been very important to us, and a huge part of our lives. Therefore we need the proper atirement to keep warm in bad weather. Leather mittens and caps is almost a requirement when spending time outside in bad weather, and felted shoes is a saviour from cold winter floors. Everyone of our products is thouroghly tested through several years, for practicality, quality and durability. As Alf Tore is fond of saying: we sell nothing we wouldnt wear ourselves.

To use natural, norwegian resources is also important to us, to support fellow buisnesses big and small, as well as maintaining the traditional Scandinavian crafts. Whilst our felted shoes is made by a recipie developed over the course of several years of experience and trials, the original tradition came from an old man from Osterøy. For her part, Reidun is fond of gathering inspiration from museums as well as history, where good caps and mittens were at least as equally important as they are today. We are always glad for comments and reviews, and feel free to make requests should you have any ideas.

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Tove- Skinnbua

Kårvika 85, 5282 Lonevåg

(+47) 90845091

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