Tove- & SkinnBua

Felted, woolen slippers     Mittens and caps in fur and leather 

Felted woolen shoes, mittens and caps in leather, various leather work with wool and fur. Tove- og Skinnbua is found at Kårvika 85 at Osterøy outside Bergen, as well as various markets through the year. Reach us at (+47) 90845091 / 97188204 or toveandskinnbua@gmail.com. Visit by appointment.


Tove- og Skinnbua will be at Røros christmas-market 2022! Date December 1-4, 2022. This is always an amazing experience, and is to be recomended for everyone. If one needs a good 'fill me up' of Christmass cheer, then Røros is the place to go, filled with nice people and skilled craftsmen alike. The highlight of the year! Check it out at Røros Christmas-market.

We'll have (amongst other things) felted, woolen shoes, short and tall: leather and fur mittens and caps: painted reindeer-pelts for sitting: positive spirits and weird western-humor. Well met everyone!